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Level Up

1. Stream for Good

When you stream for good and Level Up for Kids you are raising funds for Variety - the Children's Charity to empower kids who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disability.

2. Help where it's needed most

Your funds will be directed to grants or programs to change the lives of kids in need. Your support can provide a communication device, mobility device or assistance dog for example.

3. Bring the joy!

And freedom. And independence. We'll keep in touch to let you know how your support has changed lives by sharing stories from kids and families showing the impact of you incredible work!

About Variety - the Children's Charity

Helping kids who are sick, disadvantaged or live with disability.

Started by a group of entertainers in 1928, Variety – the Children’s Charity has a network of 45 offices in 14 countries, and many millions of individual children around the world live a better life because of the generosity of Variety’s communities of supporters.

Variety - the Children's Charity help kids  who are facing challenges with sickness, disability or disadvantage.

Variety provides support to families and organisations through providing grants for a range of equipment, such as wheelchairs or all-abilities playgrounds to provide practical help to kids, schools and organisations in need. We run programs to educate and empower kids that are falling through the cracks. We give scholarships to encourage the talents of kids living with disadvantage or disability. And last but certainly not least, we hold kids’ events to bring joy, light and laughter to children in need and their families.


We give scholarships to encourage the talents of kids in need.

Variety provides scholarships to children with an existing talent living with disabilities, chronic illness, or financial hardship to achieve their full potential and follow their dreams.

Existing Talent Scholarships are designed to support children with a demonstrated talent who are living with illness, disadvantage or a disability, to reach the next stage of development in their talent. Whether it’s a dream to compete at a higher level in sport or wow a crowd on a stage – Variety Heart Scholarships can cover items such as travel, accommodation, equipment, coaching, competition fees, and much more.

Educational Scholarships are designed to support children living with disadvantage the assistance to cover basic educational needs such as stationary, school books, uniforms, and excursions costs – because all kids deserve to keep up with their mates in the classroom and beyond.

Experiences and Kids Events

We hold events to bring joy & engage kids in need and their families.

We hold lots of exciting experiences throughout the year so kids who would otherwise miss out can have some fun, meet new people and try something new. The main event on our calendar is the Variety Kids Xmas Party.
For over 30 years, the Variety Kids Xmas Party has been the most exciting day of the year for kids facing challenges with disadvantage, illness or living with a disability. The event is completely FREE for over 4,000 children and their carers to attend. All kids get a gift as well as a fun inclusive day when they might otherwise miss out!

The Variety Kids Xmas Party is a safe space for children who are disadvantaged, have a disability, illness, or have special needs to be themselves without fear of judgement from their peers. Variety – the Children’s Charity want to celebrate what makes kids different, and work to ensure all kids have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Throughout the year we provide fun and inclusive activities such as camps for children living with hair loss, sports clinics and experiences at special events like the theatre, ice skating (including wheelchair skating), the AFL and Rugby thanks, to the support of our partners and donors.

Even in the absence of a global pandemic, children living with disability, disadvantage and illness are among the world’s most vulnerable. They are more isolated and more at risk than ever.


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