How It

Level Up

1. Sign Up

Sign up to Level Up for Kids! Create your fundraising page on Tiltify, connect your Twitch, YouTube Live or Facebook and get ready to level up!

2. Choose your challenge

24 hours? A week of play? Choose your event style and set up your incentives, challenges and more! Don't forget to spread the word to friends and followers!

3. Level Up for Kids

Get streaming, have fun and change the lives of kids in need! We've got heaps of resources including fact sheets, social shareables & overlays to rock your challenge!

Help out kids in need

You can make a difference

By Levelling Up for Kids, you'll be helping kids living with disability, disadvantage and illness. Did you know:

  • Over 93 million children (1 in 20) aged 14 years old and younger live with disability?
  • Over 725 million children live in poverty or disadvantage

Variety changes the lives of kids in need through the provision of tangible equipment and programs. By streaming for good, you can make a difference.


Choose Your Challenge

What's your jam?

24 hours with mates? FIFA for thirty days? Fortnite for a fortnight? Spectacular speed runs? You can even host a tournament! It’s up to you!
Remember to set up lots of incentives and milestones for when you hit fundraising goals. Your incentives are up to your imagination - here's some ideas:

Set milestones like $100, $500 etc and do something fun, silly, awesome when you hit them - e.g. dress up in a costume, eat something hot, dye your hair!

Level Up Your Streaming Game

From overalys to ripper social assets to share, we’ve got you! Check out the Broadcast Toolkit in resources, or on our main Tiltify site!

Get Hyped

Start promoting your stream for good at least a few weeks in advance. Promote it on your regular stream and socials, and tell family and friends.  Ask your mates and followers to share on socials and spread the word. 
Tag @varietyvic and use the hashtag #VarietyGamingforGood!

Use the heart sign in your socials and on your stream to show you care about empowering kids in need!

Level Up to Unlock Awards

RAISE $1000

Let your legendary status shine!

Community Guidelines

As a children's charity we are child-safe and also promote child-friendly content only. On sign up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, and Code of Conduct which can be downloaded below. Broadly:

Bullying and Harassment - we have a zero-tolerance policy to bullying and harassment. Let's keep Level Up for Kids kind and friendly, after all we're here to help kids in need.

Respect Others - As Variety Levellers we respect our fellow participants and followers. This means no hate speech or derogatory, predatory or intimidating behaviour across all our channels when taking part in Variety Level Up for kids including Twitch, Tiltify, Funraisin, Discord, and socials


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