Melbourne International Games Week 2022

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Throughout Melbourne International Games Week we're celebrating local games that excel in accessibility!

Access-ABILITY explores and celebrates accessibility in the Australian games industry.

Learn about the importance of accessible games for players living with disability and hear from local developers who are working towards making their games more inclusive.

Enjoy a live stream of accessible games made by content creators who are raising money to support Variety Heart Scholarships. Variety Heart Scholarships help kids and young people who are sick, disadvantaged or living with disability who have a demonstrated talent in an extra-curricular discipline. This year the program focuses on kids in need of inclusive hardware and who are interested in coding and game design.

Join Variety in learning more about accessibility in games, and the needs of gamers of all abilities.

Sign-up and start streaming

You can stream on Streamlabs or Tiltify, make sure to choose our Access-ABILITY event. We also have heaps of resources for you in our toolkit, so check it ou!

Choose a game to play

We have a bunch of suggestions for accessible local titles you can play, just below. Feel free to get in touch, we may have some spare keys for you... 

Go live between October 1-8

Fundraise anytime during Melbourne International Games Week to promote fantastic local titles. You'll even have a chance to win some great prizes!

Pick your platform below

By playing locally made games and streaming for good, you'll be helping Variety - the Children's Charity to support local kids living with disability, disadvantage and illness through the provision of life saving equipment and programs.
Don't live locally and want to take part? Stream our local games or choose games from your corner of the world!

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Check Out Our Interviews

Accessibility in Design

Here at Variety, inclusion is key. Having well thought out accessibility in games means a wider range of people are able to have a great experience. But what is the process of introducing accessibility in game development?

We've asked multiple game studios and accessibility consultants for their insights, so check out the interviews below! 

Explore some awesome local titles doing accessibility well!

Pick one of these titles to explore:

  • Submerged: Hidden Depths - Uppercut Games
  • Heavenly Bodies - 2pt Interactive
  • Conan Chop Chop - Mighty Kingdom
  • Wayward Strand - Ghost Pattern
  • Moving Out! - SMG Studio

We're fundraising for Variety Heart Scholarships!

What are Variety Heart Scholarships?

These Scholarships help kids and young people who are sick, disadvantaged or living with disability that have a demonstrated talent, or passion in an extra-curricular discipline. They also cover specialised equipment and technology.

We’re looking to especially help kids interested in eSports, coding, and game design for Melbourne International Games Week! 


When you are fundraising or making a donation, don't forget the incredible difference YOU are making to a child's life!
Accessible technology provides alternative ways for children with disabilities to perform functions on digital technology that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.


Covers art materials for a child attending the program. The art program develops motor skills and expands a child’s imagination, creativity and ability to express themselves


Covers the cost of a C-Pen, a device that scans and reads text aloud. This can help kids living with dyslexia, visual impairments, or aphasia.


Covers an XBox adaptive controller for kids with limited mobility. 


Covers the cost of a full term game design and coding course.

The Broadcast Toolkit

The provided .ZIP features everything you might need to begin your successful Access-ABILITY stream! The toolkit includes:

  • 3 Access-ABILITY themed animated screens
  • 8 Variety based overlays and an animated logo
  • Twitch panels
  • Multiple social media assets
  • Event guides, and how-tos

Still looking for more? Let us know, we'll make sure to keep add whatever you need!

We're super thankful to the streamers supporting us, and want to showcase that support through a fantastic toolkit!

Variety Access ability

Check Out Even More Accessible Games

Select a game to play or choose your own accessible game to play to celebrate developers who care AND raise funds so kids can access their future potential.

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