Changing kids lives, one bike at a time!


Fundraise for a great cause

Throughout June, you can help provide a child with all the joy, fun with friends and fitness that owning a bike can bring. 

We need to raise 359 bikes to provide joy, inclusion, physical AND mental benefits to kids who would otherwise miss out.

Every $245 you raise provides a brand new bike, helmet and lock!

Are you ready? Let's ride!

Changing Lives

Watch Deanne, Kye and Brodie's story to see how your charity stream will make a difference.

Games to play!

Feel like playing something more in theme with the event? We have some suggests to keep you covered! Here's a quick list of games to consider playing - remember you can play any game you'd like, even ones not on the list.

  • Riders Republic
  • Trials Rising
  • MXGP 2021
  • MX VS ATV All Out 
  • Ride 4
  • MotoGP 21


Whether it's a very first bike for a child experiencing disadvantage or a modified bike for a child living with disability, your gift will change a life!

Whilst providing fun, freedom, independence and inclusion with their peers – the physical benefits to owning bike are also hugely important to kids.


Covers a helmet and lock to keep a child safe on their brand new bike!


The full package! A brand new bike, helmet and lock!

Your Choice

Contribute to an Adaptive Bike, costing up to $7,500!


Ready to start a live stream to help kids in need one of the most memorable moments of their life?
Getting your first bike as a child is a HUGE deal!

Create a Variety Bikes for Kids fundraising page on Tiltify and raise funds for bikes for kids of all abilities before 30 June.
If you feel like doing something a bit different from the usual livestream, you can take part in Bikes for Kids just by riding your bike among other things!
Ask your friends and family to make a donation to your page to change kids bike at a time!


All your questions answered!

I'm choosing to stream! How do I get started?

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Sign up, set your challenge date anytime in June and choose your stream format (24hr stream, 12hr stream, 1hr a day for the holiday season or a few hours on one day).

Follow our handy guide to help you set up for your Tilitfy campaign (check our resources above for download links). You can stream solo or as a team! Get your crew together to do a joint live stream (so you can get off the grind and have some time AFK) or go solo. 

What should I choose for a fundraising goal?

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We always outline where funds go, so for example $218 covers a bike, helmet, and lock for a single child. Aim for 1, or go even higher, and aim for 5! That’s $218 or $1090 as a fantastic starter goal – as long as it means something to you, that’s what matters!

Dream big or start small, whatever works! If you reach your goal, you can set a larger one as you go!

Part of a team? Set a goal altogether and you can all support each other! Team GraveKeepers raised over $10k for us Spooktober 2020, so your team can aim big, too!

What if I don’t reach the fundraising goal I’ve set?

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Even if you don’t hit the goal you’ve set, every dollar still counts! We’re thankful that you’ve taken time out of your days or weeks to stream for us!

Who can participate?

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Anyone over the age of 16 can participate!

If you’re 16 or under, you must have the consent from a responsible parent or guardian. In addition, there needs to be supervision from them over the course of the streams.

What’s off-limits?

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Streams for Variety are fun and friendly activities that should be family friendly. All this means is that keep drug talk and encouragement of illegal activities out of your streams, no sexually explicit content, as well as no bigoted language.

We welcome diversity here, so we don’t tolerate any form of hatespeech.

I have some suggestions for you! How do I get in touch?

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We absolutely love inputs from the community, content creators and viewers alike. We’d love to know what you’re looking for or even how we can help out! Get in contact with us via e-mail at

Any more tips on running a successful charity stream?

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Planning your stream

Set a length of time that suits you!

24 hours can be a lot on your own, try for a shorter time (2-6 hours as a standard estimate) or team up with a friend or get a team together to tag out.

Get in some mods!

Gaming and chatting at the same time - including sharing links to your fundraising page regularly or letting your followers know about your incentives can be tricky. Ask a friend to moderate for you!

In addition, setting up a bot with !charity !variety or !donate commands can be a super handy way to let people find information out super easily.

Test before you stream!

Make sure everything is working prior to your big go live date! Make sure to include our overlays and alerts - these will provide dynamic updates to your viewers as they donate.

Plan your incentives, rewards and milestones

Whether you're colouring your hair or doing a giveaway, plan your incentives before your big day. Some fantastic incentives we’ve seen included are:

Putting on a blindfold for 1min

Eating a chilli

Dying your hair / beard

Wearing a fun costume – or completely trash one

Let us know when you're streaming!

Make sure to tell your friends, fam and followers know what you're doing on socials - build it up to your event day to launch with a bang! Feel free to tag us, too - we'll make sure to spread word!

We're always keen to tune in, have fun, and support those supporting us!

Reach out to companies

Let your fav stores to let them know you are charity streaming for kids in need this holiday season - you never know, they may help promote it or help you out with giveaways!

Campaign Description

When filling out your campaign description make sure you include a summary of why your helping Variety and the difference you and your supporters are making

Helpful Bots & Info

Due to the recent Hoss issues that have been plaguing Twitch, we want to make sure all of our community feel safe. We strongly recommend using Sery_Bot to help with any potential issues – the bot is constantly updating to ban known bot accounts.

This will keep you and your viewers safe from IP Grabbers.

You should also enable the twitch moderation setting that requires chatters to have a verified email, this prevents a great chunk of spam bots!


When you're streaming

Repeat your message

People might tune in and out so make sure you shout out regularly in stream and in the comments why it's important to donate to support your cause – people love to know why it’s especially important to you! We've included some easy talking points in our how-to guide to help out.

Thank and engage your supporters

While donations and comments are coming in, give your supporters a shout out to say thanks. And don't forget to do a follow up social post telling them how awesome they all are!

Take breaks

When you sign on to level up, we'll provide you with overlays including BRB screens so you can have a stretch, grab a glass of water or stock up on snacks!

Follow our community guidelines

Keep it friendly and fun and follow our community rules!


Here's an awesome thread from Twitch guru Aly Sweetman on Twitter with more how to's on your first charity stream!

Where are your terms and conditions? / Do you have a code of conduct?

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What currency is used for fundraising on Tiltify?

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The default that we are using is USD

And of course, don't forget about the Toolkit!


Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates, or email us at