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The AFL Gamers Network sees players stream their gaming sessions on Twitch, chatting with fans as they do it. Over 50 AFL players are on board, with streams happening every day across a range of games from Fortnite to FIFA to and more.

Each month players including Jay Lockhart, Zak Jones, Bonnie Toogood, Jack Viney, Jordon Sweet and Nick Shipley will be putting their on-field rivalries aside to level up for kids.

To catch the action, subscribe to the AFL Gamers Network channel on Twitch, and follow @AFLGamers on social. 

Meet Darcy

AFL Gamers Network Grant Recipient

AFL players united on 27 May to fundraise for Darcy.

Darcy just turned 15 and loves excitement, loves being active, loves sport and most of all LOVES FOOTY. Best of all he likes cheering!

Darcy lives with Down Syndrome and an intellectual disability. For Darcy daily self-care, small tasks and learning can sometime be tricky.  He has sensory issues relating to food and requires substantial assistance in his reading, writing and schoolwork. Despite these additional challenges Darcy is a super awesome young man who always has a bright smile and high five ready for the Variety team!

Growing up Darcy attended a Special Developmental School four days a week and primary school one day a week. The one day a week at the primary school proved extremely important for Darcy’s development and socialisation. And because the students knew Darcy since the beginning of his school days they treated him no differently to any one else in the classroom. 

Thanks to Jay Lockhart, Zak Jones, Bonnie Toogood, Jack Viney, Jordon Sweet and Nick Shipley who raised $700 towards a special physical therapy set for Darcy.

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Even in the absence of a global pandemic, children living with disability, disadvantage and illness are among the world’s most vulnerable. They are more isolated and more at risk than ever.