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2 - 7 October 2021

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2 - 7 October 2021

Join local game studios and content creators to stream locally made games for Variety - the Children's Charity as part of Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration - Melbourne International Games Week.


How it Works

  • Download local games on PS, XBox, mobile, Nintendo or PC
  • Sign up to our Tilitfy event 
  • Set up your campaign using our resources
  • Set your goal, milestones and incentives
  • Promote on Twitch, YouTube, socials and Discord
  • Go live with your charity stream anytime between 2 - 7 October!
  • Fundraise for your chance to win some great prizes!

By playing locally made games and streaming for good, you'll be helping Variety - the Children's Charity to support local kids living with disability, disadvantage and illness through the provision of life saving equipment and programs. Don't live locally and want to take part? Stream our local games or choose games from your corner of the world!

Choosing to stream? Check out our event guide and assets below to help you on your way.


The Games

Celebrating local developers and studios 

Variety is excited to partner with the following local studios and games for Melbourne International Games Week.

  • Catchweight Studios - Conscript
  • Cranky Watermelon - Boomerang Fu
  • GOATi Entertainment - 22 Racing Series
  • House House - Untitled Goose Game, Push Me Pull You
  • Massive Monster - The Adventure Pals
  • Modern Storyteller - The Forgotten City
  • Orchid of Redemption - Mage Drops
  • Samurai Punk - Justice Sucks: Recharged, Roombo:First Blood, Feather
  • SMG - Moving Out, Moving Out Paradise
  • The Voxtel Agents - The Gardens Between
  • Tin Man Games and Steel Sky Productions - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, Fighting Fantasy Classics, Warhammer Underworlds: Online


Meet our Ambassadors 


MopGarden is a full-time variety streamer on Twitch. She's been streaming for over 7 years and has loved every minute of it. She has a strong focus on building her great community and loves giving back to charities in her local area.

"I'm super excited to be a part of Level Up Melbourne as part of Melbourne International Games Week! I am truly honoured as I love anything that combines my passion for gaming as well as helping out in the community. I am so excited to help support Variety again and am thrilled to be taking part."



Team Gallium

Team Gallium is an Oceanic E-Sports Organisation headquartered in the heart of Melbourne. Different from your usual E-Sports organisation, GLM is a non-for-profit organisation that works very closely with youth experiencing disadvantage.

"We are extremely excited to be working alongside Variety. Youth-based community work has always been our priority and something we are so greatly passionate about. The opportunity to assist with this cause and have an impact on children in need is a great honour."

Darren Minchington

Darren Minchington is a former AFL Athlete of 9 years (Hawthorn/St-Kilda).

After being sidelined due to a long chain of injuries, his undying love for gaming became not only an outlet but a potential future career option.
He has a strong passion for youth support and giving back to his community has always been a top priority.

"I really am honored to be a part of such a great cause, being able to have an impact while doing what I love is truly amazing. Really looking forward to supporting Variety as part of Melbourne International Games Week."


All you need for your Level Up Melbourne stream. Download our event guide for all our top tips, grab our social assets to hype your stream and get those Twitch overlays for on-screen goodness!

MIGW Stream Kit

MIGW Stream Kit

MIGW Social tiles

MIGW Social tiles

MIGW How to Guides

MIGW How to Guides


Your Impact

Variety - the Children's Charity provides life changing equipment and programs to support kids in need, programs like SHINE! Our Variety SHINE Programs are educational initiatives that ensure all kids have the opportunity to overcome language and learning challenges so they can keep up with their mates in the classroom. For many children who participate, Variety SHINE is where they receive their first diagnosis for a range of language and learning disabilities. The identification of these challenges, and the recommendations and intervention resources provided to their families and educators, have a profound outcome on a chilld’s learning and development after the program ends. These unique programs give children in need access to a multi-disciplinary team of allied health professionals at no cost to their families. Intervention is embedded in fun and interactive activities and games to keep children engaged. Variety SHINE provides assessments, intensive intervention and support for children in need.

How you can EMPOWER kids

$26 covers art materials for a child attending the program. The art program develops motor skills and expands a child’s imagination, creativity and ability to express themselves

$53 purchases computer software for a child to use at the program and beyond to develop their literacy and narrative skills so they can communicate with their classmates, teachers and family.

$118 covers therapy materials including games, specialist equipment and resources to reduce anxiety and develop social skills allowing a child to join in at school and beyond

$515 pays for an assessment of speech, language and literacy skills so together family, teachers and therapists can plan a bright future for a child facing learning difficulties.

$1,019 covers the full week-long program for one child, truly giving them the chance to shine!

About Melbourne International Games Week

Melbourne International Games Week is the largest professional and consumer games communication and networking platform in Asia Pacific. It’s not actually a single event, but a series of events held across 9 days. Melbourne International Games Week unites all the events across the week and provides a framework for all our attendees. It’s our way of saying ‘Hey! Come and check out what’s happening in our awesome city’. In 2021 Melbourne International Games Week takes place between 2 - 10 October.

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Meet our Fundraisers

Visit our MIGW Tiltify page to meet our content creators and watch live streams throughoout the week. 

Saturday 2 October 

Darren 9am - 4pm

Claradotexe 2pm - 8pm

LopbunnyCupcake 10am - 4pm

Monday 4 October

Reapz 9am - 4pm

MopGarden 8am - 4pm

Claradotexe 11am - 5pm

El_Funko 4pm - 9pm

LopbunnyCupcake 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 5 October

MopGarden 8am - 4pm

Wednesday 6 October

Claradotexe 11am - 5pm

Thursday 7 October

El_Funko 4pm - 9pm

PLUS! Zazzastack - DarkseeTRD - valarmerghulis - Taxxed - Cosmic Richy AND MORE

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